Rube Goldberg Machine Rubric

Project Developing
In Progress
Project Board
  • Content is minimal and/or several factual errors.
  • There is no clear or logical organization.
  • Board is not neat.
  • Diagram of machine is missing and/or not labeled correctly.
  • More than one of the requirments was not met.
  • Content includes essential information but with 1 or more factual errors.
  • For the most part board is neat and organized.
  • Diagram of machine was included, but one or more labels are missing One requirement was not completely met.
  • Essential information was included and knowledge appears good.
  • Overall organization and neatness seem to be good, although flawed.
  • Labeled diagram of machine was included.
  • All requirements were met
  • Content is covered in depth with details.
  • Knowledge of subject is excellent.
  • Board is well organized and very neat.
  • Extremely detailed and labeled diagram of machine was included.
  • All requirements were met and exceeded
  • Presentation did not flow.
  • One or more members did not actively participate in presentation.
  • One or more pieces of information were not factual or not presented.
  • Presentation was a little choppy.
  • One member did not actively present.
  • One piece of information was not factual or was not presented.
  • Presentation flowed.
  • All members of the group participated in the presentation, although could have been rehearsed a bit more.
  • All information was factual and no requirements were left out.
  • Presentation seemed rehearsed and well organized.
  • Knowledge of information was obvious and factual.
  • All team members played an active roll in the presentation.
  • All requirements were met and exceeded.
  • Machine does not include one or more of the requirements.
  • Used others ideas.
  • Machine does not do what it was designed to do, or rarely works.
  • Machine does not include one of the requirements.
  • Typical looking machine.
  • Machine does what it is designed to do 50% of the time.
  • All requirements are included
  • Creative, added more than the typical machine.
  • Machine does what it is designed to do 80% of the time.
  • All requirements are included and exceed expectations.
  • Unique idea.
  • Machine does what it is designed to do 100% of the time.
  • One or more team members did not participate with group.
  • Frequent assistance was needed.
  • Class time was not utilized.
  • Team members putting each other down.
    • One team member did not participate with team.
    • Completed project with frequent assistance.
    • Frequent off-task behavior.
    • Lacked support of each other.
    • All team members participated.
    • Some off-task class time.
    • Completed project with little assistance.
    • Supported other team members.
    • All team members actively participated through out the entire project.
    • Class time was fully utilized.
    • Team worked together; self-motivated.
    • Encourages other team members.