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Me and My Science Buddy, Morgan
In 7th grade, I was involved with a group of 3rd graders that I will always remember. In my science class, we got to participate in a new activity called Science Buddies. I think that this could either be global outreach, or enthusiasm for learning. What we did was once a month, my science class and I went over the elementary school next door, Virgil Mills, and meet with a third grade class where we did science experiments and other things to boost their science knowledge. And that is why this could be global outreach.
It could also be enthusiasm for learning because my class and I looked forward to doing this every month, and some of went to great extents to make sure their experience was a good, fun, and educational. My science buddy was Morgan, and together we learned so much. I m very glad she was my science buddy and I wouldn t trade her for anyone else! We had so much fun sometimes that we forgot we were learning! And that is why I think this could be enthusiasm for learning!