G. D. Rogers Elementary School
515 13th Ave. W.    Bradenton, FL 34205
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Manatee County's
First Green School



Hello and welcome to the G. D. Rogers Garden Elementary School website. We are the first green school in Manatee County. As a green school, our building was designed to create a healthy environment that is favorable to learning while saving energy, resources and money. Our students learn about their environment and how to make choices that improve their community.

Working Together

G. D. Rogers Garden is a choice school. This means that all of our parents chose us to educate and inspire their children. Parents, thank you for selecting our school. We recognize and appreciate the trust and confidence that you have placed in our staff to help your child reach his or her potential. Our teachers are highly qualified, trained and motivated. We promise to provide a first-class education to each and every student in our school. Once again parents, thanks for choosing G. D. Rogers Garden.

Looking Forward

We look forward to a school year that celebrates family and community.  Our continued mission is to help every child learn, dream and achieve. 

Ann M. Broomes