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Stretching Ourselves: Kids with Cerebral Palsy Spelling List
1. overlook 6. outlet 11. overtime 16. outfield
2. underline 7. underground 12. supersonic 17. output
3. subway 8. overboard 13. submarine 18. supernatural
4. subset 9. undercurrent 14. undercover 19. subdivision
5. supermarket 10. superstar 15. overcast 20. subhead
Stretching Ourselves: Kids with Cerebral Palsy Vocabulary List
1. Abdomen: the part of the body containing the stomach, the intestines, and other important organs; belly.
2. Artificial: made by human skill or labor; not natural.
3. Gait: the kind of steps in moving; manner of walking or running.
4. Handicapped: having a physical or mental disability.
5. Therapist: person who specializes in the treatment of diseases, injuries, or disorders.
6. Wheelchair: chair on wheels, used especially by people who are sick or unable to walk.
7. Frigid: extremely cold.
8. Frontier: the far edge of a country, where few people live.
9. Function: a purpose, role, or job.
10. Genuine: real and not fake; honest or true.

Stretching Ourselves Kids with Cerebral Palsy Flash Cards


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