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Passage to Freedom Spelling List
1. staffs 6. volcanoes 11. echoes 16. thieves
2. ourselves 7. chiefs 12. shelves 17. measles
3. pants 8. buffaloes 13. quizzes 18. avocados
4. scissors 9. flamingos 14. sheriffs 19. chefs
5. loaves 10. beliefs 15. dominoes 20. pianos
Passage to Freedom Vocabulary List
1. Agreement: harmony in feeling or opinion.
2. Cable: a message sent through wires by electric current or electronic signals.
3. Diplomat: person whose work is to manage the relations between his or her nation and other nations.
4. Issue: to send out; put forth.
5. Refugees: person who flees for refuge or safety, especially to a foreign country, in time of persecution, war, or disaster.
6. Representatives: person appointed or elected to act or speak for others.
7. Superiors: person who is higher in rank, position, or ability.
8. Visa: an official signature or endorsement upon a passport, showing that it has been examined and approved.
9. Boundary: the line, fence, etc., that separates one area from another.
10.Broadcast: to send out a program on television or radio.

Passage to Freedom Flash Cards


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