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Valentines Day Box Contest

Ok everyone if you want to enter the Valentines Day box contest it is due tomorrow. My teacher says. I think in my head that my dad will not let me enter the contest but when I got home I told him about the contest and asked him if he would take me to Mihcels Arts And Crafts and I was surprised that he said yes. On are way to Mihcels Arts And Crafts my Dad starts yapping about what I want to get there and I keep saying when we get there I will tell you what I want, because how do I know what they have. So when we got there I saw so much stuff to bye, but not all of it was for valentines day, so I went to go ask an employee to see if she knew where valentines decorations were. She did know where they were, so I bot heart stickers, glitter, fabric, fuzz balls, and hanging hearts. When I got home I started on my Valentines box and finished it. The next day at school I did not win the contest but I did tie for third place with about three other people. My favorite part about this contest was that I got to have fun making the box.

    I put this under democratic process because my class voted on witch valentines box was the best. 


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