My Social Studies Projects
Florida history, Florida history, Florida history!!!!!! There's so much to learn about the history of our home state and one single super dooper way to do that is to do a project. My projects were for school, it was a very worth while, learning experience. The first thing I should tell you is that I am putting this under Enthusiasm For Learning cause I went all out learning all the data I needed to complete these fun projects! Our wonderful teacher Mrs. Byal one day anounced  that we would be doing a Florida History project for the month of January (We always to a project for the month). We had a chart, and this chart showed a few 2 point projects, some 5 point projects, and the hardest projects, the 8 pointers. You got the choice of choosing the project, but our own choices had to get the sum of  10 points. For example, I did one 8 point, and I bet you can guess that I did a 2 point, also!That leads me to, my projects I did! I decided to choose to make a time line flip book (For 2 points), and to lean about someone, dress up as them, and give a very vivid speak that will get you a "100 precent, A "!!!!! Unfotunatly I choose a girl, well actualy a old, old lady. to give you a lookat the bottom is a picture. I might not look as old, but the person, at 108 years old, I choose was the one and only Marjory Stoneman Douglas, who by the way saved the Everglade. I got an "A " just like I wanted!!! My second choice was a flip book. I think it was  good because it contained a ton of data and I colored the top in a cool way with examples of the dates and what happened. For example I showed a gun for war, and a feathered hat because of indians. I was very happy how my projects, and after learning about the Everglades in my 8 point project I hope one day to visit the vast lands and to see all the amazing and exotic animals. I guess I'll go get on a air boat, and make sure to bring my swim suit and water shoes!!!!!!!!!