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How to Locate Materials

In order to find books and materials as well as check them out in the media center, we use a program called Destiny on the OPAC Search Stations. OPAC stands for Online Public Access Catalog and is an electronic catalog on the Internet. The computers down the center of the media center near the columns are dedicated to looking up materials and are referred to as the "Search" stations. This is really the best way to find the books you want.

The catalog is like an index to all the materials in the media center. Just like when you look up topics in the index of a book to find the page number, here you look up books, videos, etc. and find the shelf where the items are located.
Call Numbers that you may see first in Destiny include:

0-999 Nonfiction (Dewey)
-arranged by subject to keep all books on the same subject together

R Reference books
-arranged by subject

F Fiction
-arranged by 1st 3 letters of author's last name so you can find all the books by your favorite author together

B Auto-/Biographies (true books about a person's life)
-arranged by 1st 3 letters of person's last name the book is about so all the books about one person are together

VR Video Recordings - student use in media center VCR or DVD player only

WebPath Express on the left portion of the catalog screen is used to show links to the Internet on the subject you are researching. These websites are excellent because they have been reviewed by educators for student research. Try these instead of Google and get more meaningful results!
Use the Search station to find materials.
At the Search station, open Internet Explorer to the Destiny homepage.

On the first page in Destiny, the Home tab shows useful links to the Internet for students, teachers, and community.

Click on the Catalog tab to search for books and resources. On the next screen, type in your search term in the Find box and click on the appropriate button below it.

Once you open a record, the call numbers are the key to finding the item on the shelf.
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