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     Located in sunny, western Florida, Manatee County is the southern most county in the Tampa Bay area. The district is responsible for educating over 40,000 students in 48 public schools. The district is also the largest employer in the county with more than 5,500 employees. Recently, the district launched its new vision for public education called EdVantage. We believe that an active community supporting education is vital. Please follow this link, to access the district's web site containing information about their vision.
Manatee County Schools

EdVantage District

     EDGE, Education through Dynamic Global Experiences, began in 2001 with five pilot classes across Manatee County, all embracing the one-to-one laptop concept. One-to-one classrooms provide a laptop computer to each student for 24/7 technology access and opportunities to construct their own learning with information at their fingertips. Kinnan Elementary began implementing one-to-one computing in the school year of 2003-2004 with one classroom. We currently have four practicing EDGE classrooms.

Ms. Tina Barrios, Instructional Technology Specialist
Manatee Instructional Technology

District Reading Initiative
In the 2001-2002 school year, the Manatee County School Board began the implementation of the district wide reading initiative based on a balanced literacy framework that contained a mix of instruction and practive activities sufficient to build strong reading skills. This initiative is aligned with Pearsoon and Gallagher's Gradual Release of Responsibility Model. Students participate in whole-group, small-group, and individualized activities focusing on reading and writing. This approach contains both systematic and explicit instruction in the five components of reading (phonological awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension). Rich and meaningful experiences supported by literature and informational text are provided to encourage and nurture the love of reading.

The Manatee School District's Balanced Literacy Model respects and addresses the needs of all learners. The research-based framework views teachers as informed decision makers to identify individual learner's needs and match instructional and assessment strategies. These are aligned with our standards-based curriculum enabling students to become lifelong independent readers. This initiative declares that by 2005-2006, 100% of the elementary classrooms will provide evidence of a balanced reading approach.
Manatee County Reading & Writing


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