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Discipline Plan for Mrs. Norris' Second Grade Classroom (Room #1204)

Classroom Rules:
1. Be honest at all times.

2. Be responsible at all times.

3. Be respectful at all times.

4. Be kind at all times.

5. Be safe at all times.

** Remember to do your personal best at all times! **

** Please Allow Mrs. Norris to Teach! Thank You! **

Ringing of Chimes (Quiet Signal):

Good Behavior Reinforcements (Example Rewards):

If you Choose to Break a Rule (Consequences)
  1. Stop what you are doing.

  2. Raise your hand for silence.

  3. Put your eyes on the speaker.

  4. Quiet (not talking) and your hands are free.

  5. Listen
  1. Frequent verbal praise

  2. Hugs, pats, handshakes, and applause

  3. Printed paper awards

  4. Stickers on various assignments

  5. Treasure chest prizes

  6. Homework passes

  7. Lunch with teacher

  8. Points are given daily to each team (groups of desks), who earns a daily reward and possibly a weekly reward (group with the most points), such as lunch bunch (eating with the teacher).

  9. Becoming a computer trainer, an editor, or other special helper.

  10. Other special incentives as appropriate (class celebrations, calls home, etc.)
  • ** Children are accountable for their own behaviors and choices. As a consequence for not following the acceptable behaviors and expectations, students will be responsible for moving their clothespin. Here is how the discipline steps work:

  • There are three clipboards in the front of the classroom, on the side of my teacher's desk.

  • Clipboard #1: Students' names on clothespins

  • * Yellow Clothespins: Study Hall

  • * Red Clothespins: Behavioral (Green Section, Super Day!)

  • Clipboard #2: Verbal Warning: Teacher states in a positive form what behavior is expected (1st broken rule, Yellow Section).

  • Clipboard #3: Consequences: Behavior/Study Hall:

  • * Section 1: 5 minutes of recess (2nd broken rule, Red Section)

  • * Section 2: 10 minutes of recess (3rd broken rule, Red Section)

  • * Section 3: All of recess is missed (4th broken rule, Brown Section)

  • * Section 4: Action Plan completed in study hall during recess (5th broken rule, Blue Section). If the student reaches this section before recess, they will go to an isolated time out desk and begin their action plan, which will be sent home to be signed by a parent/guardian.

  • * Section 5: Time out in a different classroom and a parent phone call/conference (6th broken rule, Black Section);

  • *** A referral will be sent to the principal. This is sent home to be signed (7th broken rule). Serious infractions such as fighting, will result in immediate referral. (I don't have a color for this step because I feel my students should not reach this step).***

  • * Section 6: Study Hall: For unfinished work or if 5 rules are broken, student works on an action plan.

  • ** It is very rare for any of my students to progress further than section 3 (4th broken rule - All of recess missed). If you see a note in your child's agenda or an action plan coming home, it is serious. PLEASE CALL me if I have not already given you a call, so we can schedule a conference. (941-776-4040, Ext. 2025 ). We can easily work things out together and your child will become more secure and happy in a consistent, learning environment.
Other Important Information
  1. These behavior choices will be reflected in your child's daily agenda with the corresponding color that goes along with their behavior for that day.

  2. Things that will not be tolerated: Lying, Stealing, Fighting, or Destroying others' property!

  3. Students who make the correct choices will be positively rewarded by the incentives stated above (Good Behavior Reinforcements - Rewards).

  4. The Key to your child's success is our combined interest and effort to success!!
Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support

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