• Articles of Confederation Strengths VS. Weaknesess

Articles of Confedaration
Strengths VS. Weaknessess

By:Jennifer Caba

  • Brought the states together
  • Was able to raise an army and navy
  • Set up a postal system
  • Congress was established
  • Make war and peace
  • Print money
  • No national executive
  • No national court system
  • National government could not collect taxes.
  • National Government could not raise an army.
  • National Government could not regulate trade.


I chose to showcase this particular assignment because it tells you  some information about the Articles of Confederation. The assignment was about the strengths and weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation. The steps I took to complete this assignment was first, reading about the Articles of Confederation. Then making the chart with the strengths and weaknesses of this article. I learned about the problems the Article of Confederation had and the strengths.

I connected this assignment to the area of interaction Approaches to Learning. This assignment connects to Approaches to Learning  because I learned new things. Now I know because I wrote facts about it and communicated my understanding.The learner profile that I demonstrated while working on this assignment is  Inquirers because I enjoy learning new things.