Mrs. Huffine-Language Arts > FCAT EXPLORER the sign says, "Don't Freak Out" over the FCAT. Be prepared for the big test on April 11 and 12 with the use of FCAT Explorer.

Mrs. Huffine's Language Arts students will be using FCAT Explorer's Reading Factory to help prepare for the upcoming test. During the third quarter, each student will be required to complete FCAT Explorer’s Reading Factory for homework. Their progress and performance will count as a weekly homework grade during quarter 3. Students must read at least 3 Reading Factory passages and answer the accompanying questions with a minimum percentage of 70% mastery every week during quarter 3. I will pull a Student Performance Report in FCAT Explorer every Monday and enter a 100% in Pinnacle, if the student has earned at least a 70% in their weekly reading.

There are 3 sections of FCAT Explorer’s Reading Factory:Paginator, Text-o-Matic, and Publicator. Each one contains 9 reading passages. Students should click on Challenge List after completing each passage to see if there are any red circles. Students should click on any red circle to retry answering the question after rereading the passage. This should improve their percentage after receiving assistance from the program. The Explorer’s Report will provide students with their percentages.

FCAT Explorer requires an internet connection. Some of you may not have access to a computer or have an internet connection at your home. If this is the case, I will provide a hard copy of the passages and questions for your child to complete.

Begin your FCAT Explorations here...

FCAT Explorer

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