Breakfast Procedures

Breakfast is served every morning from 8:00 - 8:30 a.m. in the cafeteria. The cost of this meal for students with full-pay status is $1.10 and $.20 for students on reduced pay status, adult breakfast is $1,60. Students on free status will receive breakfast at no charge. No meal charges are allowed for a breakfast meal. Students should report directly to the cafeteria upon arrival at school. Car riders should arrive early enough to have breakfast and not be tardy to class.

Lunch Procedures
The Bobcat Cafe is now on a computerized point-of-sale system which enables us to have money held in an account for each student. Your child may purchase lunch, breakfast, milk, juice, or an additional entree' or side dish at any time as long as there is money in his/her account. For students on full-pay status lunch cost is $1.90 per day or $9.50 for a 5 day week. Reduced status lunch is $.40 per day or $2.00 for a 5 day week. The cost of single items purchased is: main dish entree $1.90, vegetable/fruit and juice servings cost $.50. If your child has your permission to purchase additional items, please be sure to include additional money for those items. An adult lunch costs $2.80.

To ensure that your child is accurately credited with the amount of money you send in please be sure to place the money or check (we prefer a check) in a sealed envelope. Label the envelope" lunch money" and add the child's name, teacher's name, and the total amount enclosed. Please make checks payable to Bashaw Elementary School. These envelopes should then be placed in the Cafeteria Money Bag in the student's classroom each morning. It will then be sent to the lunchroom following announcement time. We encourage you to pay by the week or even by the month by using the Bashaw Bulletin Menu to plan which days your child would like to eat. If a student has days paid in advance and decides to bring a lunch the money is held in his/her account until the next time they purchase a school lunch. All moneys sent in will be applied to a student's account, we cannot send back change.
Students who bring lunch from home will also eat in the cafeteria. Parents are asked not to send carbonated beverages, candy or gum to school in those lunches.

Applications for free and reduced lunches were mailed to every student over summer vacation. Please remember to complete only one form for each household. Eligibility for free or reduced lunches will be determined by state and federal guidelines at the School Food Service office. If your income level changes during the school year you may request a form from the school office.

 We would be pleased and proud to have you join us for lunch at any time. Please remember to sign in at the front desk in the office and receive a visitor pass which is required for anyone visiting Bashaw. When you have lunch with your child you may dine outside at the picnic tables or on stage in the cafeteria. If you have any questions or concerns about your child's account please call the Cafeteria Manager, Donna McLeod, at 741- 3307 x 212.