Bashaw Elementary School  Supplies
                                                PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE YOU PURCHASE ANY SUPPLIES!!!!!
Students in first, second and third grades are being asked to bring in $20.00 supply fee at the beginning of the year.  This fee will help offset the cost of pencils, glue, crayons, manuscript paper and other supplies your child will use.  If you have ever purchased supplies for your child, you realize these amounts are very nominal compared to what it would cost you to provide these supplies for your child.  You may send in cash or a check payable to Bashaw Elementary School.  If you wish to send in all the supplies yourself, you will find grade level lists below.

Kindergarten, fourth and fifth grades DO NOT collect supply money.
You will need to provide the following supplies for your kindergarten, fourth and fifth grade students.
Kindergarten Supply List
Red and blue four fold rest mat (thin)  
pair of Fiskar scissors (round tip)
1 dozen plain #2 pencils
2 packages of crayons (8 basic colors only)
1 package of washable markers (e.g. Crayola)
1 package of colored pencils
1 package of dry erase markers
1 clear tape dispenser (e.g. Scotch Tape)
1 package of baby wipes
1 box or band aids (plain, not fancy)
2 bottles of Elmer's glue
2 packages of Ziploc gallon size storage bags
2 packages of Ziploc quart size storage bags
2 boxes of facial tissues
First Grade Second Grade
1 pair of Fiskar's child scissors (round tip) 1 box band aids coffee filters 1 pack colored pencils
4 dozen pencils 1 pack of cap erasers 1 pack crayons (24ct.) 1 pack dry erase markers
2 boxes crayons (8 or 16 count) 2 big erasers 2 pocket folders germx glue
2 packs of washable markers *2 boxes of tissue 1 pack of glue sticks highlighters 2 packs index
1 pack of highlighter markers cards (3x5) 1 pack markers 2 packs notebook paper
2 bottles Elmer's school glue 2 packs index cards (wide ruled) 1 ream copy paper pencils (4 dozens)
2 boxes of bandages 1pack of colored pencils 1 pair of Fiskars scissors (round pointed)
2 packs of small paper plates 1 pack small cups 1 spiral notebook 1 box tissues 1box small Ziploc
1 pack of  large paper plates 4 paper pocket folders bags 1box large Ziploc bags
2 packs of dry erase markers 2 packs of Ziplock bags
packages of classroom snacks (crackers/cookies)
Third Grade
2 reams (500 sheets) of white printer paper 81/2 by 11 in.
3 packages loose leaf notebook paper - wide ruled not college ruled paper
1 large box of facial tissue
1 large white eraser
1 small box of band aids
3 packages of #2 pencils (12 to a package)
5 -3 hole punched pocket folders
1 - inch 3 ring binder (all teachers except Mrs. Fitzstephens )1 - 11/2 3 ring binder
( Mrs. Fitzstephens only)
1 small pencil case

1 package small sticky notes
1 glue stick
Trapper Keepers and organizer boxes are to big for our small desks, so save your money!
Fourth Grade Fifth Grade
1 box of pencils (no mechanical Pencils)
1 pack of pencil eraser tips
1 package of assorted highlighters
4 dry erase markers
5 Composition Books (no spiral notebooks)
3 packs of wide-ruled paper
1 pair Fiskars scissors
1 ruler (inches and centimeters)
1 pack of colored pencils
1 pack of markers
1 pack of crayons (24 count)
1 ream of white paper
index cards (3x5) white/assorted
8 paper duo-tang folders with pockets & tabs
8 subject dividers
Post-it notes (3x3) assorted colors
1 box of tissue
1 box of band aids
Please select ONE from the following to be shared with the class:
1 bottle of Alene's Original Tacky Glue (8 fl. oz.)
1 large bottle of Germx hand sanitizer
1 package of white card stock

Tentative Supply list - each teacher will
add more specifics on Open House Night
2 dozen yellow #2 pencils or nonrefillable lead pencils
5 pks wide rule lined paper
5 two pocket, 3 duo tang folders
glue sticks and scissors
small pencil box