Our Strategic Plan, EdVantage

The Strategic Plan for the Manatee County School District was developed by 36 members of the Strategic Planning Core Team and over 100 members of the Action Teams and Measurement Team with representation from the community and from our school district. The District is in its sixth year of implementation.  The plan was updated to include a sixth strategy, Technology & Learning, which was Board approved on July 26, 2010.

The Plan, called EdVantage is comprised of a mission statement, core values, strategic objectives, six strategies, and a Measurement Plan (Measurement Rubric).

Curriculum Strategy

We will develop a sequential, comprehensive, system-wide curricula and assessment methodologies to support our core values to ensure achievement of our strategic objectives and mission.

Mandates Strategy

We will leverage national and state mandates to achieve our strategic objectives and mission.


Partnership Strategy

We will seek and mobilize partnerships with our internal and external communities that draw upon their talents in support of the achievement of our strategic objectives and mission.

Trust Strategy

We will develop and nurture a culture characterized by trust, collaboration, and willing contributions to change as needed in order to reach our strategic objectives and mission.

Leadership Strategy

Leaders, formal and informal, at all levels of the system will model behaviors consistent with a sustained commitment to our strategic plan.


Technology & Learning Strategy

We will transform the teaching, learning, and operational environments by maximizing the effective use of technology throughout the system so all students and employees will achieve our district mission.



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