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The Steamboat, By Robert Fulton

Robert Fulton
The Steamboat
By Shelby Sheffer

In my project I am going to tell you about the
Steamboat. In my essay I am going to tell you when the
Steamboat was made,and some facts about it. Also I am
going to tell you who made the Steamboat, who the co-
owner was, and when the first voyage was. And a little
about Robert Fulton. Last but not least I am going to tell
you what the importance of the Steamboat, and how it
changed our lives today. So if you want to learn listen up.

The Steamboat was made by Robert Fulton in 1807. The nickname of The Steamboat was Clermont. As you probably now that the Steamboat is powered by a steam
engine. The steam engine was built by the Britain's in the
1700s. The Steamboat only go s nine mph. Which to us
is very slow because we are used to cars that go
hundred thirty mph. But back then that was o my gush
that is fast.

At 1811 the first Steamboat voyage was made by the New Orleans. It was from Pittsburgh to New Orleans. The trips that would have took at least a few months by the flatboat now only a few days.

Now I am going to tell you a little about the person who invented it. The guy who invented the Steamboat was Robert Fulton. Robert was born in little Britain in 1765. He died in the state of New York on the 24th of February 1815. When he was young he like to paint. He also at the age of thirteen he constructed paddle wheels.

Now I am going to tell you the importance of the invention of the Steamboat. The most important thing is that now everybody doesn t have to use animals and pull it by thereselfs to places. And it also helped transport goods like flour, sugar, and coal faster.

I am now going to tell you how this invention changed our life today. It changed our lives because it helped people get their stuff faster. And because it
pushed others inventors into making bigger and faster
things to transport goods.

The Co-owner of the Steamboat was Porter Dumber of Jamestown. The owner was Robert Fulton.

I told you about the Steamboat. Who made it and the importance of the Steamboat and how it changed our lives today. And some facts about the Steamboat. I hope you learned something from my project.


My Reflaction Piece

I have learned a lot about the Steamboat because of this project. I learned who made the Steamboat some facts about it. I also learned the importance of the Steamboat and how the Steamboat changed our lives of today. I actually liked this project because it was a little bit fun to do.