msbarnes > 8th Grade Advanced Language Arts

Grade 8 Advanced Language Arts     

A more challenging language arts course, this class is a prerequisite for 9th grade Honors 
English. Unit studies and themes are consistent with the regular 8th grade curriculum, 
however, the swift pace of the advanced course allows for more in-depth and enriched study. 
Advanced students are held to higher expectations in both quantity and quality of their 
work and they are expected to work independently. Additionally, they must meet minimum 
grade point standards in order to remain in class. The content of this course focuses on 
conflicts that characters and students face and includes online research, participation in
Edmodo projects, and literature circles. Students will be expected to complete Unit Performance 
Assessments at the end of each unit as well as weekly reading "extensions" and novel projects. 
Homework is given nightly and an independent weekly reading log is required. Late work is
accepted for half credit.

Unit 1 -
Elements of Literature textbook
Essential Question: Why does conflict occur?

Unit 2 - Hurricane Force
Essential Question: What can we learn from confronting or avoiding a problem?

Unit 3 - My Brother Sam is Dead
Essential Question: What is the relationship between change and conflict?

Unit 4 - Activist Research
Essential Question: How do language and media influence our perspective?

Unit 5 - Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry
Essential Question: What is worth fighting for?

Unit 6 - Literature Circles
Essential Question: In what ways does adversity bring out the best and the worst in people?

Unit 7 - The Diary of Anne Frank
Essential Question: How can acts of inhumanity challenge our beliefs and assumptions about the world?

Unit 8 - Elements of Literature textbook
Essential Question: Can we create a world without conflict?