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Holocaust Unit Webquest

A WebQuest for 6th Grade World Cultures Students

Designed by
Mr. Scarbrough

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The Holocaust was a dark period in modern history during which millions of people were systematicaly destroyed by Adolf Hitler's Nazi Germany. These people were targeted by the Nazis because of their religion, culture, and/or their lifestyle.

We study the Holocaust to help the world remember the horror and destruction that evil will do when given the chance.

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The Task

Your task is to learn about the Holocaust. You will explore the people responsible for the horrors of the Holocaust. Next you will discover the countries that Nazi Germany controlled during this period in history. In those countries you will explore the concentration camps and ghettos that the Nazis built for the Final Solution. The last task for you will be to listen to the tales of the survivors of the Holocaust.

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The Process

You will use the websites listed below to find the information required to complete your tasks. As you explore this webquest, be sure to record your findings on your copy of the Holocaust Webquest Answer Page.

The first task for you is to learn about the people who were responsible for the "Final Solution". Use the People Responsible link below for this task.

For your second task use the Concentration Camps link below. Be sure to follow the directions to complete your map.

The last part of this webquest involves the survivors of the Holocaust. You will use the Survivors link to read or listen to the stories of the survivors of the Holocaust. Make sure to read the directions carefully for this last task.

Holocaust Webquest Answer Page
People Responsible
Concentration Camps

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For this webquest you will be graded on completion of your Holocaust Webquest Answer Page. The People Responsible task will be 75 points, the Concentration Camp task will be 75 points, and the last task, Survivors, will be 50 points. This activity will be worth a total of 200 points.

Points Possible Hitler 25 Points Himmler 25 Points Heydrich 25 Points Concentration Camp Map 75 Points Survivors 50 Points

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You have now completed your journey and hopefully you have a better understanding of the horrible event that is called the Holocaust.

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Credits & References

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