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Ghost Towns of the American West Spelling List
1. politics 6. equation 11. inspire 16. cleanse
2. political 7. sign 12. inspiration 17. resign
3. major 8. signature 13. human 18. resignation
4. majority 9. arrive 14. humanity 19. unite
5. equal 10. arrival 15. clean 20. unity
Ghost Towns of the American West Vocabulary List
1. Economic: of or about the management of the income, supplies, and expenses of a household.
2. Independence: freedom from the control, influence, support, or help of others.
3. Overrun: to spread over.
4. Scrawled: to write or draw poorly or carelessly.
5. Vacant: not occupied.
6. Predict: to say what you think will happen in the future.
7. Previous: former, or happening before.
8. Priority: something that is more important or more urgent than other things.
9. Professional: a member of a profession, such as a doctor, teacher, nurse, or lawyer.
10. Pursuit: trying to catch someone.

Ghost Towns of the American West Flash Cards