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Summarizing and Note Taking
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Teach summarizing using Microsoft Word's Track Changes feature

Teach one sentence summaries by using Microsoft Word's Text Frame feature
Download instructions and an example

Download instructions and an example
Adam Stem and Courtney Scott, students in Lori Yancey's critical thinking class, used sentence summary frames to scaffold their understanding of summarization techniques.
Online Activities Making a Long Story Short: Summarizing
Exercise to practice summarizing skills by reading small paragraphs and choosing the main idea.

Reading: Summarizing presents a brief mini-lesson and series of activities to learn to effectively summarize detailed texts and information.

UNSW The Learning Centre
Academic Skills Resources

Notetaking Skills: An Introduction
Use Inspiration to scaffold the process of learning how to take notes. Download an example used in a sixth grade class in a unit on searching the Internet  
Note Taking Resources Cornell Notes

Directions to use PowerPoint for Note Taking

Data Chart Organizer

Teacher Tap
Unitedstreaming Resources

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Unitedstreaming is a digital video-based learning resource from Discovery Education.  If you do not have a license register for a free trial offered by Discovery Education to see all the wonderful resources. Directions:
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Teaching Note Taking and Summarizing Skills Lesson Plans

The Long and Short of it: Summarizing Important Details

Incredible Shrinking Notes

Note Taking (Grades 4-6)

The Great Indian Civilizations Unit Note Taking Lesson (Grade 6)
CRISS Strategies for

One-Sentence Summaries, Learning Logs, Free-Form Mapping, Selective Underlining, Read-Recall-Check Summarize, Reciprocal Teaching
CRISS Strategies for Notetaking
Two-Column Notes, Content Frames, Venn Diagram, Opinion-Proof Notes, Problem-Solution Notes, Selective Underlining, Mapping, KWL, Main Idea Detail Notes, Story Plans