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 Do you have  a older brother?  Well I do and he is a pain! So here is 5 ways to torture your brother and when I mean torture I just mean messing with him. First to do all this you have to make sure your parents know that you are an angel and you could never do such a thing .

  Number 1= When you come home, when you brother is outside lock him outside and when he stops knocking . Quietly sneak up and unlock the door and run and go to sleep and act like nothing is wrong he might sit outside before he even realizes the door is unlocked. 

Ok number 2= When he is at his friends house use his room like a movie theater with popcorn, candy and lazyness. Make sure  your sleeping when he gets home  mom surely won t let him wake you. 

Number 3= You have to do this very quickly and quietly. Mess with your brother  while  he is sleeping. Get a piece of fuzz or cotton and tickle his nose very lightly. This is fun but my brother can become a grizzly bear. last time I did that his face turned cherry red  and I  thought he was going to blow up. So I ran as fast as I could.

4th= You  embarrass him while his friends are over. Tell him how much you love him and you just need a huge. Do  whatever you can to make his face turn red and make his friends laugh at him.

And 5th= This is fun and definately my favorite. Hide his video games it s like his whole world is ruined. This is a little Dangerous but it is also fun. If you can make it last a couple of days that my friend is torturing your brother.  


I am putting this  artifact , my speech, in Enthusiasm For Learning because I showed effort and I tried and I didn t give up. I  practiced by telling my mom the speech and she helped me. How I got  my topic is my classmate told me and I liked it so I wrote about it.