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We Shouldn't Have Any Homework
Why do we have homework? Education is important and helps us to be successful in life, but what is the reason for doing work after school when you have been working hard all day. Therefore, I feel homework isn t necessary because it is stressful to students and that leads them to dropping out of school, it strains on the parent/child relationship, and if a student doesn t complete their homework they might fail one or more classes.

Homework can be stressful enough that it can make students drop out of school because students spend too much time working instead of doing things enjoyable. Things I would rather do are shooting hoops, playing football, riding my bike, or playing games. Sometimes they push themselves to do more and finally they just quit school. The result of that is since they don t have any education they get less paying jobs. Most students think homework is just plain out STUPID and it isn t needed. For example exponents (in math) aren t needed because I asked my mom when she has used them in life and she said never. So all of these things can lead to a child dropping out of school.

Also homework can strain on the parent/child relationship because they argue over doing the homework. For example if the child wants to watch T. V. and the parent wants the child to do their homework, there is a beginning of an argument. They also argue over the way to do the homework because the parent was taught a different way in school. Parents lose their patience because they are having to spend their time helping their child with their homework. For example the parent gets so frustrated that finally they yell at their child. So remember these things can lead to a strain on the parent/child relationship.

Some students who fail the homework fail the class because they find the homework too time consuming and never finish it or turn it in. For example in my third grade class we had to make castle projects and it took me about a week to make. Students may have sport commitments or extra activities, like I play football. They also don t like school and homework just makes it worse. For example if they don t like the teacher and they don t like the subject and they come home and have to do homework then they might drop out of school. Sooner or later the student feels it is hopeless and they let their grades go.

People think homework is good for you, but here are some arguments I d like to say. People: homework is useful for teachers to watch the students progress. Me: teachers can watch the students progress in school better because at home they don t know that if the parent is helping the child...... a lot. People: homework is useful for FCAT. Me: school work is more useful for FCAT because they learn more during school than after. People: homework helps parents understand that the school holds high goals for students. Me: school work is harder than homework and that means that parents can understand that the school holds higher goals than they think. All of these arguments can possibly lead to NO HOMEWORK!

Once again homework isn t necessary. I really, strongly think that more kids would stay in school and have a better learning experience if they did not have the stress of homework.