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No Healthy Cigarette

Hey do you think smoking is cool? Well if you do then you will regret it later because not only will you possibly die but along with that you won t be very pretty. Now today a lot of girls and boys in their teens smoke now you may think so what but 5,000 are under 18 and that means they could be 12 or going to the extreme 9. Now you don t have to have a cigarette in your hand to be smoking, if your parents smoke you get second hand smoke which is technically the same thing because you are still inhaling smoke actually even more. So now that you know a little of how smoking then here is a lot more.

What I meant by if you start smoking then you won t be very pretty is not if you smoke for one day it s if you smoke for 10 to 36 years. Do you think that Julie Andrews got her wrinkles for smoking???? NO SHE DIDN T!!!!!! Her wrinkles came from age and wrinkles from smoking are a big difference. Because wrinkles from age are well from age, but wrinkles from smoking are because the tobacco settles in your sink. Think of it this way your thirty and you wrinkles ALL over that would be because you smoke. Or maybe your 65 or 75 then your wrinkles are ok.

So another thing that happens to you is your nails and toe nails will turn yellow. Now you may know that your finger nails turn yellow because of the cigarette being near them, but what you probably don t know is that your toe nails turn yellow because not all of the tobacco gets out of your nose and your mouth. But not all of it comes out so it gets inside you and gets out through your toe nails. Grows huh!!!

So as you can see smoking is bad for you, your health and your appearance. And this is just some things that can happen. So if you want to be on oxygen or have tracheal tube for the rest of your life then that s your choice but for the people that want to stop smoking do something before it s to late. Smoking kills.