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Ag in the Classroom has website links that help with science fair project ideas, agriculture and science information.

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Fact Monster is a great search engine with games, homework help and other information.
Fact Monster

Fact Hound
This website asks children what grade they are in and tailors the search for that child.
Fact Hound

Math Magician
This is a great site with games to play to reinforce math facts. You can choose addition, subtraction, multiplication or division and take timed tests!

Declarative, Imperative, Interrogative, and Exclamatory Sentences ]Punctuation Paintball - Pick a level. Click on the correct punctuation then click on the part of the sentence that needs changing and fire! ]Sentence Clubhouse- Choose the correct punctuation and correct the sentence ]What is a sentence?- Divide passages into sentences


Compare and Contrast ]A Fishy Story - read story online, then answer questions in Word or Works, or on paper ]Compare and Contrast - see two examples, find out about "flavors" of

compare and contrast, then see strategies ]Compare and Contrast - practice quizzes ]Dig It! - interactive story predicting the outcome ]Compare and Contrast - online practice


Subject and Predicate ]Parts of a Sentence - select naming part or telling part (subject/predicate)


Theme 2- Getting the Job Done

Conflict and Resolution

Compound Subjects and Predicates ]Subject and Predicate Review- This is a game to help review the difference between complete subjects/predicates, simple subjects/predicates, and compound subjects/predicates ]Complete, Subject or Predicate- Game/Quiz


Simple and Compound Sentences ]Sentence Sort- - Select the correct type of sentences; simple, compound, or complex ]Sentence Structure - Select correct sentence structure that is underlined in the sentences. ]Sentence Structure - Select correct sentence structure


Author's Purpose and Perspective ]Establish a Purpose for Writing - tutorial and many online practices ]Fact/Opinion/Habit - online quiz


Prepositional Phrases ]Grammar Blast: Prepositional Phrases


Clauses, Phrases and Complex Sentences ]Phrases and Clauses - online quiz ]Combining Sentences - online quiz; ]Quiz Two; ]Quiz Three ]Complex and Compound Sentences - online quiz ]Revising Sentence Fragments - Rewrite sentence to make a complete sentence ]Sentence Structure Review - This page has several exercises in reviewing: Incomplete sentences, Run-on sentences; Correctly written sentences that should be combined; Correctly written sentences that do not need to be rewritten. ]Verb Phrases -Identify the complete verb phrase in each sentence (scores are kept)


Theme 3- Natural Changes

Cause and Effect ]Cause and Effect Actions - Online quiz using connector words ]Cause and Effect - Combine two sentences using connecting words to show cause and effect. ]Cause and Effect - Fill in the missing statement to create a cause and effect. ] Quia ] Quia


Nouns- Common and Proper ]Rats!- Catch the correct type of noun in basket ]Noun Dunk- Determine the correct type of noun


Nouns- Sigular and Plural ]Fish Tank 2- Fill a tank of tropical fish using your knowledge of plurals ]Irregular Plurals - match the related words, singular to plural ]Irregular Plurals - match related words, oes, os ]Plural Nouns - add s or es ]Irregular Noun Plurals - interactive quizzes ]The Plural Girls- choose the correct plural form


Drawing Conclusions ] online quiz ]Drawing Conclusions - Read the story and choose the correct word to complete the sentence ]Drawing Conclusions - Read the story and choose correct answer


Posessive Nouns ]Harcourt ]Possessive Noun Play ]Possessives and Reflexive Pronouns Quiz - online graded quiz ]Quia ]Exploring Possessives- Harcourt Activity ]Quiz ]Quiz ]Practice 1 ]Practice 2


Pronouns and Antecedents ]Skillwise ]Pronoun Clubhouse ]Quia- Pronoun Poppers ]Quia- Jeopardy Game (1 or 2 players) ]School House Rock Song ] SuperNova Sentence Puzzlers with Jupiter Jane (Pronouns) ]Antecedents- Pick the correct one


Theme 4- Imagination at Work

Fact and Opionion ]Quia- Game #1 ]Quia- Game #2 ]Distinguish between fact and opinion ]Fact or Opinion? ]Jeopardy- PowerPoint


Possessive Pronouns- see above

Subject and Object Pronouns ]Quiz ]Pronoun Fair


Theme ] determine if piece is best associated with setting, theme or plot ]Understanding what you read - Online interactive tutorial and quiz ]Reading Exercises- Multiple passages with questions


Adjectives and Articles ]Rats! Adjectives and Adverbs ]Grammar Blast! ]Interactive Whiteboard Activity- Picture of elephant- student list describing words and then write sentences (easily replicate in Kidspiration) ] SuperNova Sentence Puzzlers with Jupiter Jane (Adjectives)

 Easy Articles ]A or An ]A, An, The or Nothing ]A, An, The or Nothing ]A, An or Nothing ]A or An

 Easy to Medium ]Famous People (Article Quiz)

 Difficult ]Articles - Health Clubs


Theme 5- A New Home

Character(s), Setting and Plot

Similarities and Differences in Setting- Determine what makes different settings alike ]Main Idea practice - online interactive quizzes ]Main Idea Tutorial - online tutorial and interactive quiz ]Main Idea Tutorial - online tutorial and interactive quiz ]Context Clues - online interactive tutorial and quiz ]Understanding what you read - online interactive tutorial and quiz


Verbs ]Jupiter Jane- Primary (G1-3) ]Jupiter Jane- Intermediate (G4-6) ]Grammar Blast Verbs Game ]Grammar Blast Verbs Game 1 ]Simple Present Tense ]Helping Verb Test ]Go for Gold- helping verbs


Forms of Be ]2Bee or NottooBee ]The Verb 'to be' ]Am, Is or Are


Irregular Verbs ]Quia Game: Irregular Verbs I Play this game by yourself or with a partner and test your knowledge of irregular verbs ]Quia Game: Irregular Verbs II Try these Flashcard and Concentration games to learn more about irregular verbs ]Irregular Verbs Quiz 1 ]Irregular Verbs Quiz 2 ]Irregular Verbs Quiz 3 ]Irregular Verbs Quiz 4 ]Look, See or Watch ]Regular and Irregular Verbs Can you tell irregular verbs from regular ones? Complete these sentences on the whiteboard ]Go for a Grammar Gold Play this quiz and try to get a grammar gold


Sequencing ]Sequence the Story - drag the pictures in the correct order - Students can have the story read to them if necessary ]Sequencing Lesson and Exercise - read and put the pictures in sequence ]Sequencing - Number the pictures in the correct order ]Sequencing - Read story and answer questions about the order ]Sequencing Fun - Many to select from ]Dr. Stripp - Reading Ring - Put the comic strips in sequence, then answer questions about the comic strip


Adjectives and Articles- see above

Single and Plural Nouns ]Fish Tank 2- Fill a tank of tropical fish using your knowledge of plurals ]Irregular Plurals - match the related words, singular to plural ]Irregular Plurals - match related words, oes, os ]Plural Nouns - add s or es ]Irregular Noun Plurals - interactive quizzes ]The Plural Girls- choose the correct plural form


Possessives- see above

Theme 6- Exploring our New World

Main Idea- see above

Figurative Language

Irregular Verbs- see above

Contractions ]Type in the Contraction ]Contraction Games Play these contraction games ]Concentration/Matching Learn contractions while playing the Matching or Concentration game ]Go For Grammar Gold Read the explanation of contractions and negatives, then try the interactive quiz ]A Bed Full of Cats interactive quiz ]Fly By Game Test your knowledge of contractions with this interactive gam


Possessive Pronouns- see above

Adverbs ]Adjectives/Adverbs - Change adjectives into adverbs in this online quiz ]Adverb Quiz ]Quia: Adverb Battleship Game ]Quia: Rags to Riches ]Jupiter Jane Adverbs- grades 1-3 ]Jupiter Jane Adverbs- grades 4-6 ]Comparing with Adverbs ]Adverbs













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